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2017 Faculty Application

So, you want to work at EXPLO?

It's fun. It's demanding. It's inspiring (and exhausting).
Chances are: you'll love it.


Faculty Application Guide

When you start your application, you'll be asked to download our 2017 Faculty Application Information Guide. The guide gives you important details about formatting and completing your application.

Rolling Application Deadline

As a reminder, EXPLO's first and second rounds of faculty hiring completed on Nov. 6 and Dec. 5, 2016. We continue to accept faculty applications on a rolling basis and encourage you to apply. An earlier application submission improves your chances of being considered.

"My time at EXPLO was without a doubt the most rewarding work experience I have ever had. Nowhere else could I have taught students from so many different countries the intricacies of running a business, and be so consumed in their personal success while also interacting with them outside of the classroom."

Zachary G., EXPLO Faculty


Mission Statement

Exploration Summer Programs creates a dynamic environment of intellectual inquiry, responsible decision making, and spirited adventure.

Led by enthusiastic teachers, our students are encouraged to respect the differences that make us individuals and to find the common ground that makes us a community.

At its heart, EXPLO inspires students to challenge themselves, discover the world of people and ideas, and experience the joy of learning.