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Can Your Students Save Molly Mogul? 

In this delightful curricular challenge, your students are asked to construct a ski jump with just the right curve to ensure that Molly Mogul (a skiing tennis ball) will make it over the bears and other obstacles and into the ski lodge (a barrel) at the bottom of the mountain. 


No Fancy Materials Necessary!
Our free curriculum package includes easy-to-follow instructions on how to run the activity with a couple of 2x4s, some cardboard, and a bit of hardware from your local box store.

This activity is a quick addition to any math or science class. It can be adapted for nearly any age, K-12. General themes include:

  • Experiment Design
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Data Analysis
  • Estimation and Deductive Reasoning
  • Measurement and Trigonometry
  • Angle Measurements
  • Energy Transfer, Velocity, and Acceleration
  • Gravitational and Frictional Forces 

Bonus Curriculum for Maker Spaces. Our curriculum also includes meaningful ramp building challenges for both laser cutters and 3-d printers. We cover it all: 

  • Digital file preparation
  • Rapid 3-D prototyping
  • Planning, cutting and building complex, intricate shapes
  • Troubleshooting common mistakes 



Mission Statement

Exploration Summer Programs creates a dynamic environment of intellectual inquiry, responsible decision making, and spirited adventure.

Led by enthusiastic teachers, our students are encouraged to respect the differences that make us individuals and to find the common ground that makes us a community.

At its heart, EXPLO inspires students to challenge themselves, discover the world of people and ideas, and experience the joy of learning.