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Secrets to a Transformational Summer Camp Experience for Your Teen

What is Your Teen Missing?
They've rigged sails, drilled jump shots, and conducted lab experiments, but the same old summer camp experience probably feels a little routine by now.

As your child approaches their teenage years, they may feel bored or uninspired by the usual summer options. As a parent, you may be concerned that they won’t be challenged enough if they return to the same-old wilderness camp or local sports clinic. That they may miss opportunities to truly grow.

Courage, Choice, and Community
But the right summer experience can ignite a passion and help your child find purpose. It can build courage and curiosity. It can transform your teen. This new guide from EXPLO will tell you everything you need to know, including:

  • The five things your teen is most likely missing at their current summer camp
  • The essential elements of a transformational summer camp experience
  • How to find a transformational summer camp
  • Summer camp practicalities to keep in mind as you assess your options 
  • More about EXPLO's summer programs

Your teen doesn't have to miss out this summer — download the guide today.


Mission Statement

Exploration Summer Programs creates a dynamic environment of intellectual inquiry, responsible decision making, and spirited adventure.

Led by enthusiastic teachers, our students are encouraged to respect the differences that make us individuals and to find the common ground that makes us a community.

At its heart, EXPLO inspires students to challenge themselves, discover the world of people and ideas, and experience the joy of learning.